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Shower Wheelchairs/Commodes

Taking a shower is no easy task for the wheelchair dependent. A shower wheelchair, also called a shower commode, is a useful tool at home. The use of a shower chair will reduce assistance from caregivers, thereby giving a person with weak motor strength and stability a sense of independence while bathing.

Shower wheelchairs are ideal for wheelchair users who don't feel stable on fixed shower chairs or benches. They allow their user wheeled access into and out of wheelchair accessible shower stalls.

Some commodes have removable or fold back armrests which permit better reach during bathing.

Shower commodes also have an opening in their seat, similar to a toilet seat; this allows hassle-free access to the bather's underside.

Shower chairs are typically made of rustproof steel and/or plastic, with waterproof seats and backrests.

Shower wheelchairs are for use in accessible roll-in shower stalls only. Accessible showers don't have edged-thresholds, and they make use of grab bars, storage shelves and height-adjustable or hand-held shower heads.

All features in an accessible shower must comply with the height of the shower wheelchair, and the user's size and strength - including the height and grip of the grab handles, the accessibility of the shower controls, shower head, storage shelves - or they will create a false sense of safety for the bather.

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