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Mobility Scooter Guide

Mobility scooters are a popular way for people with some mobility problems to get around the neighborhood or to the local shopping centre. A very high level of independence can now be achieved with most scooters capable of travelling in excess of 30km.

3 or 4 Wheels?  The main difference between 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters lies in the extra available leg-room and superior maneuverability offered by a 3-wheel scooter.  If you anticipate using your scooter on rough terrain, hilly or rural area’s like a farm, you will probably want the added stability a 4-wheel scooter provides.  Contrary to popular opinion 3-wheel scooters are perfectly safe if used correctly and in cases where the user has knee, ankle or hip problems they are more likely to be the better choice.

Scooter Size?   Generally this will depend on your weight and height but consideration must also be given to other possible limitations such as arthritis and back problems. Tension in the wrists and shoulders can be felt after a short period if using a poorly set up scooter because the arms are not resting on the arm-rests when driving or a person is reaching too far to operate the controls. Not all scooters have an infinite variable control over the tiller angle or a complete range of adjustments for the arm rests.

Travel Range?   Most scooters will achieve well in excess of 20-25 km but factors such as tyre pressure, passenger weight, road surface, hills and stop/start use must also be considered. The battery level indicator performs the same function as a fuel gauge in a motor vehicle and it is highly unlikely that you will ever be caught short. The issues of battery capacities, brands, SLA verses GEL, charging currents and voltages are too complicated to give an adequate explanation here but if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk to our senior technicians and they will gladly assist you with any enquiry.

Safety?   Do not operate a new scooter without first reading and understanding the owners manual.  Make certain that the seat is locked into place and the key is removed before getting on or off the scooter.  Reduce the scooters speed when cornering or driving on uneven terrain and soft surfaces.  Do not drive across the side of a hill or diagonally up or down a hill and do not stop, if possible, on an incline.  Make certain that the tyres are always properly inflated to a minimum of 30psi.  Avoid tall grass and loosely packed gravel and sand.  When approaching a steep incline slide the seat forward and lean forward to shift the centre of gravity towards the front of the scooter for improved stability. 

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