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Shoprider QT4


Comprising 4 lightweight pieces, this mini scooter is exceptionally small and easy to transport assembled or unassembled.  Flip up arm rests, padded seat, reverse beeper and lift-off battery pack are also featured.  Often overlooked when purchasing a small 4 wheel scooter is the turning circle...try the QT 4 and you will be surprised.







Shoprider QT8


Similar in design and performance to the tried and proven QT 4 but with a slightly larger frame to accommodate taller users.  Sitting in a small scooter for long periods can be very uncomfortable and that's where the QT 8's padded mid-back seat is really appreciated.  Includes interchangeable clip on panels.


Shoprider GK9


 Features Include: 

  • Flat free tyres
  • Great turning circle
  • Easy to dismantle and reassemble
  • Deluxe swivel padded seat
  • Lift up arm rests Includes separate charger
  • New Improved Battery Box now Splits in to 2 pieces
  • Lift up arm rests
  • Includes Separate Charger
  • Shopping Basket

Length: 1060mm

Width: 560mm
Heaviest part: 15kgs
Batteries: 21amps
Turning circle: 1150mm
Maximum user capacity on flat level ground: 136kg

Shoprider GK10


The Shoprider Crossover portable scooter is the largest portable scooter in the Shoprider range, this scooter combines the many of the features found in the larger Shoprider models with the added benefit of the ability to be easily dismantled. The Crossover scooter has a top speed of 8kmp/h

Features Include:

  • 260mm Pneumatic tyres
  • 35amp split in half battery pack
  • Sliding & Rotating seat
  • Adjustable height armrest
  • Twin globe front headlight
  • Front shopping carry basket
  • Easy to dismantle & Reassemble
  • Battery can be charged on or off the scooter
  • Includes Charger

Length: 1190mm
Width: 585mm
Heaviest part: 21kgs
Batteries: 35amps
Turning circle: 1330mm
Maximum user capacity on flat level ground: 136kgs




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